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Unlike other similar platforms that attempt to help elevate others, we are a collective of people who are more representative of the lower to middle class experience. We are not famous actors, writers, or even Instagram influencers. We are simply people who have experiences and insights worth sharing for others to learn from or, at least, to resonate with. We know how hard it can be to rise above certain challenges and want to do our part to help give people the breaks they need to actually pursue their passions.  


When speaking of people's needs, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a helpful point of reference. It theorizes that certain levels of needs such as shelter or belonging need to be achieved to fulfill other needs higher on the pyramid as shown below:

massy 2.jpg

Basic Needs: Food, Clothing, Shelter


Love & Belonging


Self Actualization

Sometimes this diagram is better shown upside down, conveying a more appropriate sense of scale or timeline for when these needs are achieved throughout life. To be even more accurate, each level should be re-scaled for individual experience. For example, in a modern, first-world society, basic needs, safety, and love & belonging can essentially be achieved at birth if a child is born into a loving, affluent family. Regardless of who you are, regularly feeling fulfilled via accomplishment or achievement of potential are the most difficult needs to meet. As humans, we desire the fulfillment of all of these needs throughout our lives and we do not feel happy or complete when all of these needs are not met. For those desiring to feel fulfilled by life but are struggling with food insecurities, feel unsafe, or feel alienated and alone, higher achievements are not possible. The LIM Collective attempts to bridge the gaps of need by offering scholarships and support for students desiring to participate in arts, music, or sports programs but lack access or funding. We also endeavor to provide those much needed breaks for people struggling to find the time or financing for experiences that elevate one’s interpretation of living. 

Goals Timeline

Official Launch

January 2021

Funding Review

April 2021

Program Announcement

July 2021

Call for Applicants

October 2021

Soft Launch

December 2020

Funding Award

January 2022

Thank You!

Bear with us as we are a passion project in progress. We are a collection of full-time workers and students with big goals and big hearts. Achieving our goals will take time, but your attention to our work plays an active role in our success. We thank you for reading, listening, and loving.


Kristen & Sarah

LIM Collective Founders

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