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We define momentum as the propelling force of energy that flows out from our souls, perpetually inviting us to align with the path of our higher, authentic selves. 

Your journey is your own, but you are not alone.

The journey of life is full of imperfections and obstacles that, even on our best days, make us wonder about the purpose of the path down which we wander. Exploring, acknowledging, accepting and integrating the light and shadow sides of ourselves can bring increased clarity, compassion, and consciousness to our life experience. We acknowledge the limiting layers of life and intend to meet you where you're at to rise above those limiting circumstances and beliefs.


When speaking of personal growth, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be a helpful tool for reference. It theorizes that certain levels of needs such as shelter or belonging must be achieved in order to fulfill other needs higher on the pyramid as shown below:

maslow's heirarchy of needs

Basic Needs: Food, Clothing, Shelter

Safety & Security

Love & Belonging



In a first-world, modern society, many of these needs are met at birth. However, regardless of the privilege we may or may not have been born into, life can push us into literal or
perceived experiences toward bottom of the pyramid, leaving wounds that may require life-long healing. Even if we rise above and out of those difficult experiences, these traumas can still be triggered - and when they are - we continue to play out those moments in our lives as if they are actively occurring. We then "move forward" from a place of fear, shame or guilt instead of acceptance and integration, making it difficult for us to truly rise into and remain within the tiers of love, belonging, esteem and self-actualization.

The weight of our wounds may make us feel tethered to the lower experiences of lack - lack of food, clothing, shelter, safety and security - and therefore we move through the world from a mindset of lack instead of abundance and opportunity.

So, here we share, connect, create, and collaborate. We explore the depths of the soul together, either passively through blogging and podcasts or actively through the one-on-one coaching and the collaborative writing services offered. We strive to offer programs and opportunities for those with limited resources to rise with those of us in more privileged positions. When possible, we will offer free and discounted opportunities as they become available, but please don't hesitate to connect with us to see if there is something we can help support you through. 

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