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Kristen Hoyles
LIM Founder
Healthcare Systems Educator
Introverted Lover of People
LIM Founder
Workplace Interior Designer
Spiritual Postman
Sarah Yacko
Having experienced several highs and lows an ill-equipped 20-something can experience, Kristen continues to carve out a life that is in-tune with her talents and goals. Her 20s were about questioning everything, exploring and engaging, which resulted in a few wrong turns. Luckily, she was able to find her center and redefine herself on a solid foundation of self-love, gratitude, and resilience. With an openness of heart and kindness of spirit, she hopes to use this platform to give a voice to those who have experienced several roadblocks along their journey and help pass along any wisdom gained from setbacks, turning points, and everything in-between.
Sarah got a hard slap in the face by life when the realities of college a career began eroding at her naïve vision that she could still "do it all". After her sense of self and purpose were continuously being shaken, she knew something needed to change. With a blunt and honest approach, Sarah illuminates challenges of early adulthood by tapping into a range of experiences from her battle with homelessness vs joblessness to living and working abroad for over a year. Her transparent approach helps paint a realistic but optimistic picture for the not-so-financially-fortunate folks who feel weighed down by life but never fail to still dream big.
Eric B&W2.jpg
Eric Heidbreder
Music & Audio Contributor
Data & Analytics Associate Consultant
Pug in Human Form
Eric Anchor
Eric Heidbreder’s creativity, curiosity, and commitment to learning have led him down many different paths within the fields of music and data. Eric is currently a data and analytics associate consultant for Analytics 8 and a freelance recording bassoonist, producer, and podcast editor. His production work has appeared in advertisements for Zappos and LG, and you can hear his bassoon playing on Undertale Live—an album featuring chamber music arrangements of music from the game Undertale. He plans on continuing to teach people about the insights their data holds and improving data literacy while writing whatever absurd, ridiculous music he wants on the side. When he’s not making helpful graphs or tooting away on bassoon, Eric is skateboarding, eating Home Run Inn frozen pizza, or dreaming of pugs.
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Eric’s personal website that finds the perfect marriage between his love of music and his talents with technology.
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