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We know how hard it can be to rise above certain challenges in life and regularly participate in the activities that bring us joy and give us room to play. We have created this platform to offer an outlet of support and connection for those in pursuit their passions and true life path through creative expression and self discovery. 

Meet the Founders
Kristen Hoyles
LIM Founder
Training and Development Specialist
Introverted Lover of People
LIM Founder
Designer & Coach
Spiritual Postman
Sarah Yacko
kristen hoyles training and development specialist introvert
sarah yacko interior designer shadow coach soul chakra alignment
Kristen is an instrumental leader and communications specialist. She is a frequent blog contributor and podcast co-host. As Kristen continues to navigate her personal journey and carve out a life that is in-tune with her talents and goals, she intents to use this platform to give a voice to those who have experienced similar roadblocks. Through writing and discussion, she intends shed wisdom gained from setbacks, turning points, and everything in-between.
Sarah is a pivotal leader for content development, design direction, and program facilitation. She is also a frequent blog contributor and podcast co-host. As a professional designer and shadow coach, she intends to use her fully harness her talents to help others to re-establish a connection with their authentic selves and guide them toward the peace that flows out from self compassion, acceptance, and appreciation.
Eric Anchor
eric heidbreder pug
Eric Heidbreder
Music & Audio Contributor
Data & Analytics Consultant
Pug in Human Form
Eric is the creator of the Waking Up With Millennials podcast theme song and has been a gracious supporter our podcast through his audio production services.
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A Message from the Collective

The LIM Collective embraces the talents of emerging professionals and entrepreneurs to share their wealth of life, relationship, and professional experiences. Through insightful personal narratives and reflections, we hope to inspire personal growth in our readers and listeners to act with greater attention to purposefulness, personal growth, and overall openness and optimism that will hopefully radiate outwards to manifest as positive change in society overall. Be it pursuing travelling dreams, or taking the time to begin again, our growth oriented efforts offer wisdom from those who have propelled themselves forward by challenging themselves to not live in the moment but to live in the momentum of their dreams and passions. Check out our Mission page to learn more about our developing, ambitious goals.

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