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Tiny Digestible Thoughts...

A few tiny pieces of digestible wisdom I have learned along the way…

Silent acts of kindness

Do something nice for someone, and don’t tell anyone about it. Make it a habit. Make it ordinary. Make it so mundane that the idea of telling someone or posting it never crosses your mind. And do it often. Live a life that is so in service to others that it blends in with your everyday tasks. Make the white noise of your life mean something. Make your background rumblings soothing and thoughtful.

You are not an island

Nothing you accomplish was of your own doing. You are a beautiful collection of both your experiences and those who have influenced you. Feel a sense of gratitude for how you were shaped. Take pride in how you have overcome such obstacles and acknowledge those who have helped you. You are not an island. Every success has a long list of accomplices. Never fully own your success without extending credit to others.

Focus on people

So often we yearn for the end product, the praise, and the recognition, when the work done along the way is the most rewarding and fulfilling. Don’t accomplish something just to say you did it, accomplish it because it serves other people. Using your skills for the assistance of others is a far more worthwhile goal than the clout.

Stand in the Light with Purpose.

We long to be admired; but more importantly, we long to be worthy of admiration. Being praised for work you did not accomplish or work you had no part in, does not feel good. It illuminates the ways in which you fell short and acts as a reminder of what you could have been, had you put forth the effort. Read How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life by Russ Roberts. Have an appreciation for honesty and humility. Do not allow false praises to continue. Humble yourself and rise to the occasion.

Take a moment and think.

Just sit and explore your thoughts. Let time slip by a little and just think. Write these thoughts down. Go back and reflect on them. This will help strengthen your positions.

Be a responsible child.

Be adventurous, fearless, silly. Never hold back your laughter unless your laughter is harmful. Share your dreams and share them often. Always make a wish before blowing out your candles. Never let the magic of childhood fade. Cultivate a sense of wonder and amazement throughout your life. Be it through travel, music, writing, outdoor adventure, or sport… just play.

...And pay your bills.

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